For my senior capstone I created a concept menswear brand proposal (The Tainted Gent). The Tainted Gent is an e-commerce destination for mens’ second hand garments. With this project I wanted to showcase my skills in branding, menswear curating & concept development. All of the pieces featured were either thrift-ed or handed down. For the mock brand I decided to create a look book and website landing page. And now, it just so happens that I love The Tainted Gent so much that I've decided to continue with the concept and turn it into an actual website! –aka the one you're on right now. Be on the lookout for more great content coming from your favorite tainted gentleman!

web lookbook.jpg
web lookbook2.jpg
web lookbook3.jpg
web lookbook4.jpg
web lookbook5.jpg
web lookbook6.jpg
web lookbook7.jpg
web lookbook8.jpg

Creative Direction: Yours truly

Photography: Taylor Plummer

Styling: Kelsey Cadenas

Kendall Jackson