With this project my group and I created a sustainable product for a collaboration between Comme Des Garcons & Dover Street Market. We came up with the idea to create sustainable money clips in varying sizes using recycled metal – in this case copper. For the promotion of the clips we decided to show them being used an accessory and not just for its stereotypical use.

DSM x CDG.jpg
DSM x CDG2.jpg
DSM x CDG3.jpg
DSM x CDG4.jpg
DSM x CDG5.jpg
DSM x CDG6.jpg
DSM x CDG7.jpg
DSM x CDG8.jpg
DSM x CDG9.jpg
DSM x CDG10.jpg
DSM x CDG11.jpg
DSM x CDG12.jpg
DSM x CDG13.jpg
DSM x CDG14.jpg
DSM x CDG15.jpg
DSM x CDG16.jpg
DSM x CDG17.jpg
DSM x CDG18.jpg
DSM x CDG19.jpg
DSM x CDG20.jpg
DSM x CDG21.jpg
DSM x CDG22.jpg
DSM x CDG23.jpg
DSM x CDG24.jpg
DSM x CDG25.jpg
DSM x CDG26.jpg
DSM x CDG27.jpg
DSM x CDG28.jpg
DSM x CDG29.jpg
DSM x CDG30.jpg
DSM x CDG31.jpg

Creative Team: Yours truly, Kelsey Cadenas, Jessica Rivera, Sophia Lewis, Maddy Mulvihill

Photography: Porter Hamilton

Kendall Jackson