I am on your side

I am on your side.
By: Kendall Jackson

I know that life can get tough at times.
I know sometimes life seems unfair.
I know you often struggle to be understood.
But, I am on your side.

I know you’ve tried to make sense of things, and have asked god from the heavens above why me?
I know it hurts.
I know you desire love in more ways than romantic relationships.
But, I am on your side.

If I were able to build a pair of wings and tape them to your back so you could fly away, I would.
I wish I could cry a million tears for you so you wouldn’t have to feel sad.
I know that when you’re going through trying times such as this, its hard to believe.
I know you feel you’re carrying more than your share of responsibilities, but you are strong.
I know you’re a little angry and resentful, and you feel as though things may not get better.
But, I am on your side.

I know there isn’t much I can physically do to make things better.
But, I am on your side.

Kendall Jackson