Savannah, Georgia  Captured by: Kendall Jackson

Savannah, Georgia

Captured by: Kendall Jackson

Maybe she's more beautiful than I thought. Is it possible that I didn't give her a fair chance?

Yesterday evening I decided to walk around Savannah and take photos of the city. In my moment of leisure I realized that I'm often so busy that I don't take the time to look around and see the beauty of the place I currently reside. I guess that's why tourists see the city so much differently than students. When walking back to my apartment I saw this tree with flowers almost dazzling, adorning the stems of the branches. The light from the post of the hotel parking lot delicately drizzled on the branches below, and right behind stood the Savannah bridge. Tall and strong with an authoritative nature. My eyes opened wide, for I had discovered something new, Night.

Kendall Jackson