“I’m feeling good.”

Is it weird that I’ve lost all interest in relationships? Even in friendships. Is it weird that part of me feels like I could be content in solitude. I’ve lost all interest. Once upon a time I was completely infatuated with just the thought of you and now hearing your voice does nothing. I guess after two years of prying, begging for answers to simple questions like your full name the mystique does wear off. What even possessed me to be so interested in something that so 

obviously didn’t have the same interest in me?  Why do I repeat the same ugly cycles when it comes to relationships?... I feel so free. Me. It’s all about ME... Me. Me. Me. I love me. I don’t need you to love me. I don’t need to love you... I don’t want to love you. or do I? It feels good to be alone. Not that I’ve ever not been alone, but I’ve done a pretty good job at pretending. I won’t get into that but this feels good. This feels really good.

Kendall Jackson