About Kendall Jackson

Hi, my name is Kendall Jackson and I'm a soon to be college graduate of the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD). I'm a young menswear enthusiast who spends a LOT of time thinking. More times than not these thoughts are subconscious, but it's in these moments where I come up with some of my best ideas. I then contribute these ideas to concepts for films, editorials, magazines, marketing campaigns, menswear designs, you name it. Although, I am 22 years old I consider myself to have a childlike wonder that allows me to think in creative ways. In my free time I enjoy exploring new places, wandering aimlessly, seeking inspiration in everything that crosses my path. My overall goal is to breathe life into new ideas, and enable people to see the beauty that I see in the world and beyond.

Recently I have been doing some creative writing and photography in my free time. Which you can view in the Journal & Captured Moments sections of my site. So, have a look around and enjoy!